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The Best Chinese Instant Noodles to Have in 2023

Chinese instant noodles have a fascinating and rich history that reflects both cultural evolution and culinary innovation. These convenient and flavorful noodle dishes have become an integral part of Chinese cuisine and hold a special place in the hearts of people both in China and around the world.

Disclaimer: this list can be biased since most of the noodles I recommend today are the ones that friends and I love the most, or the best-selling ones in the Chinese market. I will also rate each of them.

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Kangshifu Braised Beef Noodles


Kangshifu (Master Kong) Braised Beef Noodles have a tasty combo going on. You’ve got soft noodles that you can really sink your teeth into, and they’re hanging out in this rich beefy broth that smells and tastes amazing. It’s like a warm, comforting hug for your taste buds. Plus, there’s tender pieces of beef in there that add an extra deliciousness to the mix. It’s like your favorite beef stew, but quicker and ready when you are. So, if you’re up for a bowl of easy-to-make, super satisfying noodles with beefy goodness, these are definitely worth a try!

This braised beef noodles is the most popular instant ramen in China and it comes in two packaging forms, packs and bowls. Although, the bowl one is definately more convenient, they both have the same taste.

The King of Tomato Ramen


the king of tomato instant ramen Chinese instant noodles

The King of Tomato Ramen is like a tasty adventure in a bowl. Imagine noodles swimming in red soup that smells really good. When you slurp it up, you taste a mix of tangy and delicious flavors all together. The tomato flavor stands out and gives the soup a special sweetness.

The noodles are just right – they soak up the tomato taste and feel great to munch on. And there’s more! Veggies and maybe some meat on top add crunch and yumminess.

If you’re looking for a yummy and unique meal, give The King of Tomato Ramen a try. It’s like a fancy treat that’s also super easy to enjoy. Go ahead and take a delicious tomato-y slurp!

Hot Dry Noodles


instant hot dry noodles maihaidao

This hot dry noodles are a quick and yummy meal. Just boil the noodles, pour the water, add sauce, and you’ve got noodles ready to eat! No soup, just delicious flavors packed right into the noodles. They’re perfect when you’re in a hurry but still want something tasty and filling. Give them a try and enjoy a fuss-free noodle delight!

The best hot dry noodles I had is called Maihaidao (麦海道). A small Chinese brand, you may have trouble to get it. Try your luck in local Chinese supermarket or search it online.

Tangdaren Pork Belly Instant Ramen


tangdaren pork belly instant ramen

Tangdaren Pork Belly Instant Ramen is a taste sensation! Imagine tender noodles that you can slurp up, all tangled in a rich and savory sauce that’s got a hint of yummy pork belly flavor. It’s like a comforting hug for your taste buds. If you’re into tasty and quick meals, you’re gonna enjoy how Tangdaren Pork Belly Instant Ramen tastes. It’s a delicious treat that’s super easy to enjoy!

Baixiang Chicken Soup Instant Ramen


baixiang chicken soup instant ramen noodles

Baixiang instant chicken flavored noodle soup is made with only the highest quality wheat flour for noodles, with a slow-boiled chicken bone broth for a fragrant and mellow taste. It is not only the best selling flavor in its own serie but also top 5 most eaten Chinese instant noodles across the nation.

Lilith Wong
Lilith Wong
Lilith Wong is a blog writer, food lover, and the founder of Exotic Food China. She lives in a beautiful village in Sichuan with her two cats.
lilith wong

Lilith Wong

is a blog writer, food lover, and the founder of Exotic Food China.

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