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Chinese dim sum

About Exotic Food China

Chinese dim sum

Exotic Food China is a food blog founded in July, 2023. It aims to cover authentic and classic Chinese food and beverage, especially the ones that any reader can easily prepare or buy anywhere in the world. A few guidelines have been set for the blog:

  1. Recipe-related blogs should include detailed steps for readers to follow, and ingredients should be easy to find.
  2. Food&beverage recommendations should only include the ones that most readers have access to.
  3. All information should remain honest and free from plagiarism.
  4. (I think that’s it. Hope you enjoy.)

Little bit of me

lilith wong

Greetings traveler! I’m Lilith Wong, and I’ll be your guide on this journey of great food exploration.

I was born and raised in China, then later spent around 10 years studying and working in Toronto, Canada. In my opinion, China and Canada both have diversified food culture. China has always been diverse geographically, and people enjoy unique foods in different regions, weathers and raw materials; on the other hands, Canada is also cultural diversified because of immigrant.

Hope you enjoy your time on exoticfoodchina.com.

lilith wong

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DigitalOcean droplet is essentially a VPS with a good balance between performance and cost. The setup that I’m using is 2GB 1 Premium Intel, 50GB NVMe SSD which is quite enough for my blog. It costs me 14USD/month.

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