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5 Satisfying Chinese Spicy Snacks You Must Try

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Chinese spicy snacks are famous for its bold and spicy flavors, and there are numerous delicious spicy snacks enjoyed across China and abroad. Here are some popular Chinese spicy snacks:

Weilong Spicy Strip(Latiao)

Chinese spicy snacks

Weilong Latiao, as known as “Weilong spicy strips” or “Weilong Spicy Stick” is a wildly popular and addictive Chinese spicy snack that has taken the nation by storm. This Chinese spicy snack originates from Sichuan, a province known for its fiery cuisine and love for bold flavors. As a true representation of Sichuan’s spicy culinary heritage, Weilong Latiao has become an icon in the realm of Chinese spicy snacks.

In general, latiao is made of wheat or corn flour. Its distinct flavor is from a combination of seasonings and spices. Some common seasonings and flavorings used in latiáo include soy sauce, chili powder, Sichuan peppercorns, garlic powder, onion powder, sugar, and various other spices to achieve the desired level of spiciness and taste.

The initial taste is an intense burst of spiciness that tingles the tongue, but as you savor the snack, a delightful umami flavor gradually unfolds, balancing the heat with savory goodness. The spiciness is complemented by a subtle hint of garlic and a touch of sweetness, creating a harmonious symphony of tastes that keeps you reaching for more.

Weilong Konjac Shuang

weilong konjac shuang

Yet another popular Chinese spicy snacks from Weilong. The “Shuang” in its name well represents its crispy taste of this Chinese spicy snack.

Weilong Konjac Shuang is both spicy and chewy. It’s made from a plant called konjac, which gives it a unique texture. The snack comes in small pieces that are easy to eat and fun to share with friends. The spiciness adds a little kick to the flavor, making it exciting for those who enjoy spicy foods. If you like trying new and adventurous snacks, Weilong Konjac Shuang might just become your new favorite!

Jinzai Spicy Flavor Fish Snack

jinzai spicy fish snack

Jinzai Spicy Fish Snack is a yummy and flavorful treat that comes in the form of small, bite-sized fish-shaped pieces. These fish snacks are made from real fish, giving them an authentic taste. The best part is the spicy seasoning, which adds a little kick to each bite. If you enjoy the taste of fish and like a bit of spiciness, you’ll love Jinzai Spicy Fish Snack. It’s a delightful snack to munch on anytime you’re craving something savory and zesty!

From my own experience, it pairs perfectly with other Chinese food like steamed rice, noodles and mantou.

Munching Monkey Dried Tofu

munching monkey dried tofu snack

Munching Monkey Dried Tofu is a tasty Chinese spicy snack made from tofu, a plant-based ingredient. It comes in small, crunchy pieces that are perfect for munching on the go. Since it’s made from tofu, it’s suitable for vegans and those looking for a healthy snack option. There are various flavors to choose from, making it a versatile and satisfying treat.

刺猬阿甘(Ciweiagan) Pumpkin Crisp

Ciweiagan Pumpkin Crisp tastes sweet, savory and a touch of spiciness. It’s crispy and delicious, making each bite enjoyable. The pumpkin flavor stands out, making it a tasty treat for anyone who loves pumpkin-flavored snacks. It’s a perfect combination of sweetness and crunchiness that you’ll love from the first bite!

Where do I buy all these snacks?

Above is the list of the top 5 Chinese spicy snacks you must try. But you might say: “Hey, Lilith. Where can I get all these snacks?”

The answer is quite simple. You can get them from online stores like Amazon, Lazada and have your snacks shipped to your door. Alternatively, if you know any Chinese supermarkets nearby, you will most likely see them there as well.

Want to Know More Chinese Spicy foods?

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Lilith Wong
Lilith Wong
Lilith Wong is a blog writer, food lover, and the founder of Exotic Food China. She lives in a beautiful village in Sichuan with her two cats.
lilith wong

Lilith Wong

is a blog writer, food lover, and the founder of Exotic Food China.

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